WiFi NMEA2000/0183/Seatalk Router

WiFi NMEA2000/0183/Seatalk Router
WiFi NMEA2000/0183/Seatalk Router

This open source router/multiplexer/bridge is probably the fastest, most feature rich and advanced wireless NMEA/Seatalk solution on the market. Its built-in AR9331 high gain amplifier makes it the ideal solution for accessing and routing long range 802.11b/g/n based wireless internet.

It sends your boat's NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and Seatalk and Seatalk NG data to your iPad, Android, smartphone or laptop/PC. The router features a NMEA 0183 output and NMEA 2000 / Seatalk NG as well as up to four NMEA 0183 inputs and and an optional Seatalk 1 input. Wireless network and optional ethernet LAN and WAN ports allow connecting with mostly any end user device. All incoming data is multiplexed. By default data is translated to NMEA 0183 and send to the NMEA 0183 output and via wifi/ethernet. Other data formats are SignalK or raw data format.

This is the 3rd generation of the popular open source device. The router brings marine instrument data to iPad, tablet and on-board computer. It creates a wireless network via a shared access point to distribute your GPS position, AIS and any other information available on the boat network. Multiple clients can connect to the same wireless network.

NMEA 2000 requires an additional open ended drop cable (see related products section below). Easy to make your own as well.


  • 1 NMEA 0183 output, up to 4 NMEA 0183 inputs
  • Seatalk 1 / NMEA 2000 / Seatalk NG
  • High gain amplifier
  • Long range 802.11b/g/n (-93dB rx sensitivity @ 11n)
  • Seatalk and NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 bridge
  • Multiplexing data from all inputs
  • Multiple wireless clients and apps simultaniously
  • All inputs galvanically isolated
  • Optional ethernet ports for laptop and internet routing
  • Optional USB port for 3G dongles and USB storage (new Jan 2016)
    (requires basic command line knowledge)
  • Optional SignalK, raw, gpsd data format
Availability: Pre-Order for mid May 2017
Price: SEK1,774
Ex Tax: SEK1,419

* Network configuration:

NMEA 2000, Seatalk and NMEA 0183 will be combined (multiplexing). Seatalk and NMEA 2000 data is automatically converted to NMEA 0183 sentences understood by most iPad, Android and PC software such as iNavX or iRegatta.

The data provided by these devices is automatically distributed in a secure way via WiFi using a TCP connection. Optionally cable bound ethernet is available. vYacht's Wifi Router III supports marine charting software like iNavX on the iPad or PC based navigation software.

GPS/AIS, depth, log and wind in iNavX and iRegatta

iNavX and iRegatta are only two out of many applications that are supported by the vYacht Router.
The standard and cheaper iPad Wifi does not come with a GPS. If you still want to use it for navigation the Wifi router is the perfect option. Even if your iPad supports GPS: AIS or depth, wind and speed displayed in one place increase security and allow faster and better decisions.

Inputs to the vYacht's Wifi Router III are isolated to avoid ground loops and signal noise. They also provide over-voltage protection. NMEA data or NMEA and Seatalk data from both inputs are multiplexed.
Many sailors have internet available on board already. Via an optional ethernet input internet connection can be routed as well. This means that you connect the router, continue using the internet while receiving instrument data without changing the network connection.

NMEA 2000 Gateway

The NMEA 2000 Gateway will translate all known NMEA 2000 sentences to NMEA 0183. These are then available via Wifi. This way iNavX, iRegatta and all the other software will continue to work even when you upgrade your system to NMEA 2000.

Seatalk to NMEA 0183 Bridge

The vYacht Router has a Seatalk to NMEA 0183 bridge included. Seatalk sentences will be converted to the corresponding NMEA 0183 sentences. NMEA 0183 is then available via Wifi and on the NMEA 0183 output.

Control your boat from iPad

Many users of the vYacht Wifi Router use iNavX. iNavX allows to transfer waypoints from iNavX via the vYacht Router back into the boat network.

Just plan your route relaxed on deck and feed them back into your plotter for further navigation.

Different versions for different needs

This NMEA 2000 version offers also either

  • 4 x isolated NMEA 0183 inputs (4800 & 38400 Baud) or 
  • 3 x isolated NMEA (4800 & 38400 Baud) and 1 x isolated Seatalk input

and an additional

  • 1 x NMEA 0183 output


Many boat owners are handy and appreciate the hackability. The source code of the routers operating system and other software components are open.

The new router has many more features while coming at a cheaper price. You will only need a screw driver to attach the wiring and connect the router to the 12V on-board power.

Interfaces 1 isolated NMEA 2000, 4 serial isolated inputs switch-able between 1 isolated Seatalk & 3 isolated NMEA0183 or 4 isolated NMEA0183, 1 NMEA 0183 output
WiFi / internet interfaces 802.11b/g/n based WiFi wireless network to iPad, PC and Mac. Two optional 10/100Mbps-LAN/WAN-Port for cable network to PC and Mac and internet
Power 12V DC on board battery
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
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