Howto Buy

In order to order you need to add the item into the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. If the item is not in stock this will be shown together with an estimated time of delivery. If the item is not in stock you are automatically placing a pre-order for earliest possible delivery.

New customer

There is no need to register as a customer. You can proceed to checkout and order as guest providing all your details. If you choose to add an account you can always go back later, check your order status online and re-ordering will be faster.

Please register as a customer or log into the store if you want to see prices and taxes for your specific shipping region. Otherwise prices will be shown with Swedish sales taxes which you don't need to pay when ordering from outside the European Union.


Shipping costs and vallue added taxes will be calculated based on your shipping location.

Taxes outside European Union

If you are logged into the store with you correct shipping location then you will automatically see prices based on the taxes for your region. Otherwise these will be first deducted from the price at checkout.



Its the full responsiblity of you to pay customs and taxes specific to your country. CN22 customs forms and 3 copies of your invoice are attached to the outside of the package for easier handling when shipping to a country subject to customs.

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